Deborah Williams – Voice and Performance Coach

00000001_newDeborah Williams has over 40 years working in the entertainment industry. From rock bands and MTV in her early years, as well as, shows on the international circuit, New York and Las Vegas, Williams has a wealth of experience.

On top of her performance experiences, Williams has quite the extensive educational resume as well. Her private studies in New York include H.B. acting studio, JoJo’s dance factory, voice training with Marge Rivington, who prepared Bette Midler for The Rose, and Linda Ronstadt for Pirates of Penzance. She also extended her studies in Los Angeles with Seth Riggs, acclaimed vocal expert for Michael Jackson & Whitney Houston.

Williams has appeared as a host on the Shop at Home Network and national telethons, as well as various commercial characters and voice over talent. Her B.A. in theatre extends her knowledge to a broad teaching arena. She has successful students working in New York, Canada, and various cities around the world. It is now Deborah’s joy to share her experiences and knowledge through offering classes to interested children, teens and adults.


Vocal Coaching

Vocal Exercises
Unique breathing methods
Problem spots in a song

Song Performance & Interpretation

Lyric Interpretation
Emotional content and delivery

Anxiety and Stage Fright

Visualization and on-the-spot remedies


Cold readings

Pageant Consulting

Stage Movement
Pageant Appeal
Public Speaking

Radio & Television

Preparation for Interviews & Appearances
Tricks of the Trade
Mock Scenarios

Business Meetings & Interviews

Skills for the board room, showcases and socially connected invitations
Builds confidence and conversation skills

Basic Etiquette

Applicable to business and casual meals often used for networking
Quick fixes for bad habits

Class available on Saturdays 10-11am

90 minute class – $50 monthly
30 min private – $35 per session
1 hour private – $60 per session